Health & Safety Commitment

Delivering Safe Working Practices

By providing a safe working environment, we can reduce accidents and save lives as well as cost and time for our customers.

Health & Safety at Wulfrun Building Solutions Ltd is geared towards the protection of everyone involved in and affected by our works. Our systematic approach to Health & Safety helps to control risks, reduce costs and fewer days lost to injury.

We will strive to deliver continuous improvement in health and safety through everything that we do and apply a zero tolerance approach to deliberate health and safety none conformances displayed by any of our employees or sub contractors.

We believe that the only way to achieve ‘Target Zero’ accidents is through everyone behaving safely, To achieve this the company is committed to delivering a continuous Behaving Safely campaign in partnership with our clients and aim to improve the following areas of behaviour; Standards, Communication, Risk Management and Involvement by Managers, Supervisors and Everyone.

Managing Directors Statement

More than 200 People are killed at work in the United Kingdom each year

I make no apology for opening this letter with such a hard hitting statistic. This, together with HSE statistics on accidents within the work place, can not emphasise enough the importance for me as Managing Director to accept responsibility for the overall arrangements for the Health, Safety and Welfare of all employees and others who may be affected by its operations.

A key element of my commitment for the above Health, Safety and Welfare responsibility is the personal confidence level I have within my Managers in helping to implement and deliver a safe work place. Not withstanding our legal responsibilities as employers and senior managers I expect a number of essential principles to be implemented leading to good Health & Safety performance.

  • Strong and active leadership from the top.
  • Visible active commitment from the Directors and Managers.
  • Establishing effective ‘downward’ communication systems and management structures.
  • Integration of good Health & Safety management business decisions.

Worker Involvement

  • Involving the workforce in the promotion of safe and healthy conditions.
  • Effective ‘upward’ communication.
  • Providing high quality training.

Assessment and review

  • Identifying and managing Health and Safety risks.
  • Accessing and following competent advice.
  • Monitoring and reviewing performance.

I would also expect managers to have the confidence and courage to bring to attention any breaches in Health and Safety which contained an element of whistle blowing, be it either internal or external, however difficult.

We all have a personal responsibility to ensure we deliver and participate in the above. To actively encourage a safer work place, I refer to my opening sentence.